People love awards

Yes, they really do. This may sound a bit silly, but it’s a thing that is hard for me personally to follow. I see myself as fairly uncompetitive – that does not mean I’m not ambitious – and everyone who knows me will know that I am fairly unceremonial – my youthful enthusiasm for zen buddhism was dampened by the recognition that it was too laden with ritual – so awards don’t come naturally to me. I’ve recently been a judge at a major national work based learning award, and have also had the pleasure of handing over our college’s staff achievement awards – both pleasurable and exciting experiences which for the participants combined both competition and ceremony; and I must say that I was honoured to facilitate what to them is truly important and a recognition of their achievement. Now I’m the kind of guy who will take part in a survey or focus group and then turn down the reward because I won’t need it, so the thought of wanting to enter an award is not something which will resonate with me. But what I have learnt is that it really really matters to people, and that is something I personally can connect to very much. So, if you’re thinking of an award, don’t expect me to want to win it, but keep me in mind for judging and presenting, because I have learnt about myself that I really enjoy that.

March 22nd, 2012 by