I’m replacing Google Reader with … WordPress?!

I know I’m late to the party bemoaning the looming demise of Google Reader. To me, the world is full of people, who ‘get’ RSS feeds (and who therefore stay informed), and the many who don’t (and thus leading poorer lives for it). So much for the patronising comment of the week, but for me, as for many others Google Reader’s farewell is life changing, while for (apparently too) many others, it’s ‘Google what?’. I decided to move on swiftly emotionally (it’s not ‘our’ product after all), and service-wise,  slowly: yes, I’ve got Feedly, Flipboard and Pulse accounts, but I don’t like their flashy graphic interfaces – those who’ve been to my office (or my home) know that I consider accessories and beautiful things – at times this included furniture – frilly and exuberant. So far then, no alternative service has made me open any other apps regularly during my daily commute. With one exception: as some of you may have noticed, I’m far more active on my WordPress blog than usual. WordPress has this Reader function, which so far I’ve ignored, as I had, well Google Reader and Twitter – but it does drag me in surprisingly often now, as it enables me to read many of my usual blogs (RSS feed style), and both gives me an opportunity to support them by ‘liking’ them (Facebook style) – and also share their content by ‘re-blogging’ (Twitter style). It’s GUI is clean (even the web version), and it invites me to blog more. What’s not to like?  WordPress coming out as a contender for my reading needs was completely unexpected, and a bit like my countr(ies) getting more than nil points in the upcoming Eurovision song contest, but hey, this is one I’ll be playing with for a while.

April 16th, 2013 by