Useful job hunting tools

In the last few weeks, I’ve spent some time looking at apps and browser extensions which help job seekers and professional networkers. And I was particularly impressed with the following ones: helps you structure your job hunt by uploading adverts and managing them; a bit basic to start with, but with LinkedIn integration this should be useful. Just waiting for the android app now… The smartr addressbook by pulls social media profiles of your gmail contacts into a panel – it’s a bit scary what it all finds, but if you’re serious about networking, this is it. I’m thinking about signing my team up for this one. is a simple widget that helps you find out ‘who works at’ any website you visit, by finding LinkedIn profiles of staff – works like a charm in Chrome. But my favourite is – not a job hunting tool in itself, but a mighty page for web automation which does all sorts of odd jobs for you in the background, such as Twitter updates, automated responses and notes to, etc. – except blog writing of course. This is just a quick roundup, I’ll keep assessing these tools, and may give each one of them a short paragraph in keeping with this blog’s mission.

June 6th, 2012 by