My #janathon training plan

So, I’m a few days in now, and things are settling in. Time to go through the training plan I’ve set myself up to fulfil:

Resistance and other training

I’m following a New Rules of Lifting protocol, starting right at the beginning, with the Basics 1 and 2 plans (finished basic 1 ending last Friday). Learning from my experiences in Juneathon 2013, I’m aiming specifically low – low volume, low time under tension – to make sure I don’t burn myself out early in the month. I like Shuler’s writing, and Cosgrove’s training plans – as they are able to engage both with a beginner and advanced audience; and they take great care of making sure mobilisation and stabilisation find their way into the programmes through a variety of exercises. Again, the challenge will be to keep intensity low and progression slow to not jeopardise the overall effort. The critical aspect on the training side will be to integrate my martial arts training, as the sessions tend to be fairly intense and also very long compared to what I’m planning as my workouts.

To just jump into my professional role – that’s the advice I normally give my clients: I prefer a steady pace over an overly ambitious one. Applications campaigns (like pretty much everything) run much better when they are not worked off in bursts, but when there is a steady stream of applications going out.

Recovery and supplementation

For recovery, it’s the usual combination of low-level cardio work (currently on a cross-trainer). stretching, mobilisation exercises and of courseĀ foam rolling. I also support recovery with a cycle of creatine-monohydrate – pretty much the only supplement worth considering in my personal experience. I’m going for a five day loading cycle (finished on Sunday, just before going back to work), and a three week maintenance phase. Nothing spectacular – but that’s what this whole exercise regime is all about.

January 7th, 2014 by