Can you find a job using Twitter?

As part of social media week, I will be talking about using Twitter as a job search tool. I have written – actually tweeted about this – when John Lees asked me to contribute to his relaunched book ‘How To Get A Job You’ll Love’. I set myself a challenge then – keeping to no more than 1400 characters, I wrote 10 tweets on the topic. To stay in keeping with the purpose of this blog, I will map out what I’ve learnt so far about Twitter as a tool for job hunters. Here it goes: Firstly, Twitter is an excellent search engine – job hunters have to be constantly informed about their sector, potential employers and news that could affect them – see my recent blog post on that – Twitter gives you this in real time, and often from the horse’s mouth via people who talk about just there current experiences. Secondly, it helps you build an online presence with relatively little effort – via retweets and mentions – pushing yourself up in search results on relevant topics. Thirdly – while doing one and two above – Twitter helps you get in touch with people who may be relevant to your search – or those who may interview you shortly. Not a week goes past when social media – but specifically Twitter – does not give me or someone I know a significant benefit which goes far beyond that cup of green tea. Can you find a job using Twitter? I work with someone who did. Can you find a job using Twitter? Yes, there are enough jobs accessible via Twitter to replace any job board. Can you find a job using Twitter? It won’t give it to you, but using it ¬†certainly helps you a lot along the way.

September 24th, 2012 by