About me

Matthias Feist leans over a busy desk, looking at the camera. B&W image.

The best career advice I have ever received was to “study what you’re really interested in, not what you think will get you a job. You’re better off preparing by skilling up widely and taking opportunities along the way.” This has worked for me, and it is how I’ve been helping learners prepare for their futures. It gives me meaning to help people improve their lives through education.

Grounded in international higher education, I now work in EdTech startups because this is where the most exciting innovations are happening. As a strong believer in global and social mobility, I help to bring education to anyone and anywhere, by working with socially conscious ventures.

Using co-creation and play, I champion digital literacy and agility to develop creative minds fit for dealing with the challenges of an evermore uncertain world. I do this by building career development teams, supporting venture creation, and developing alumni networks.

In the last five years, I have:

– Launched and managed global alumni communities for a Y-combinator startup and two universities
– Reactivated previously disengaged alumni with innovative global career support programs
– Helped launch a digital literacy and technical skills academy for vulnerable young people
– Held numerous webinars and on-location workshops on the future of work
– Served on the board of a university executing a pandemic rescue plan
– Mentored early stage startups from disadvantaged communities
– Collaborated with partners across EMEA countries.

June 25th, 2010 by matthias